Work, Community, and Personal

Work, Community, and Personal

Work, Community, and
personal development

Employment history and volunteer work

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  • Employee

    • A variety of industries, including law, insurance, grocery, IT service management, community development, and at many different levels of responsibility including as an individual contributor, consultant, and manager
    • Internal projects in staff development and training, curriculum development, and strategic planning
    • External consulting in management, innovation, productivity, and development
    • External training in process, team dynamics, and personal development
  • Self-employed

    • Process and systems consulting for multinational corporations, non-profits, government, and emerging entrepreneurs; managing international travel, team collaborations in culturally diverse organizations
    • Formal and informal training for high-tech, government, consultants, and entrepreneurs
    • Executive and team coaching
    • Facilitation for Energize Bridgewater Community Energy Initiative, Bridgewater School Travel Planning, and the Community Sustainability Network Local Investment initiatives
  • Volunteer

    • Community development, mental health, collaboration, and social justice
      • Founder and volunteer coordinator for Masters Swim Club in NS South Shore, affiliated with Swim Nova Scotia
      • Lead, Energize Bridgewater Community of Practice for Energy Project participants
      • Lead, informal political study circles with women politician mentors and younger women who want to learn about making change in the community through networks of power
      • Facebook group community leader for The Booted, a team-learning community
      • A variety of music organizations in Toronto, B.C., and Nova Scotia
      • Bridgewater, NS, Growing Green Festival
      • Dayspring, NS, Community Christmas Dinner for low-income and single people
      • Entrepreneurship education for military spouses in Greenwood, NS
      • Entrepreneurship networking sessions for rural new business owners in Bridgewater, NS
      • Literacy tutoring in Toronto
  • Committee (recent)

    • Work-related
      • Member of the Steering Committee for the Small Business Branch of Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) Canada report on the Canadian Survey of Entrepreneurship Education
      • Director, Atlantic Region, Canadian Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship
      • Entrepreneurship representative for the Bridgewater Community Energy Initiative Strategic Partnership
    • Personal
      • Member At Large, Bridgewater Active Transportation Committee


See my StandOut Report and VIA Strengths Survey Report for some insights into me. I find the results mostly accurate, and people who know me agree:

  • Attributes as a learner

    I am very self-regulated, and prefer an environment in which I can manage my own learning. I tend to thrive in learning environments that allow for a lot of self-expression, meta-learning, and choice. I rarely have trouble meeting deadlines, am self-motivated, and enjoy challenge. I also prefer ambiguity, complexity, and systems thinking to deterministic learning. I am curious, imaginative, pioneering, and creative, and risk-tolerant in my learning. I accept mistakes as learning, and view my learning holistically and as a long-term commitment. I am told I offer unusual, out-of-the-box perspectives when I’m learning and teaching, and that adds to the depth of the learning for all.

  • Personal attributes I bring to work and community

    • Creative
    • Love of learning
    • Concern with fairness and justice
    • Strong synthesizer of ideas
    • Stimulator of others
    • Pioneer and innovator
    • Strategic
    • Emergent ideation
    • Humanist orientation
    • Individualizer – see individual capabilities and look for ways in which people can use their strengths to achieve collective goals
    • Accountable, reflective, self-critical, optimistic, pragmatic
    • Courage to speak
  • Attributes as an educator

    • Curious
    • Reflective
    • Inclusive
    • Adaptive
    • Pioneering
    • Holistic
    • Radical orientation

Accomplishments and future plans


  • Successfully adapted to economic and personal challenges by changing careers, seeking new learning, expanding personal network, and creating unique products and services
  • Accomplished several steep learning curves in work and personal development
    • Self-employment
    • Coach training
    • ITIL Training
    • Consulting profession
    • Training profession
    • HSD professional
    • Started and nurtured a community Choir and small vocal ensemble in 1996 that are still running today
    • Started branch of a national organization associated with IT Service Management in Atlantic Canada
  • Redesigned entrepreneurship education curriculum for the organization
    • Entrepreneurship Certificate Community of Practice for new rural entrepreneurs
    • National Professional Development curriculum for professionals who work with rural entrepreneurs
    • Entrepreneurship Youth Camp for Aboriginal Youth in Alberta; launched expansion into Atlantic Canada
    • Created new sales program for entrepreneurs in Nova Scotia; unique in the region
  • Accomplished highest level of certification in ITIL best practices, and was accredited as an instructor by Axelos
  • Accomplished Senior Portfolio challenge with the Institute for Performance and Learning to achieve CTDP designation
  • Two books published: Creating Time and Closing the Me-You Gap and a speaking tour followed
  • International consulting contracts, experience, and networks

Future Plans:

  • Pursue Ph. D.
  • More writing and community action in social movements
  • Teaching and consulting