Talk about your ideas

Many entrepreneurs I know want to keep their ideas secret until they have everything ready to launch. The problem is, unless you are doing original research at a university or corporation, nobody’s paying any attention anyway.

The biggest barrier to success in business is not the idea – there will be another one coming along any minute – but execution, action, getting out of the office and talking to people and finding out if there are any customers anyway!

Shhh penguin

By being secretive, you also lose out on the chance to bounce ideas off other minds. Some of the best minds to bounce ideas off of are other entrepreneurs. Yes, of course you want to be careful with your direct competition. But talk to other entrepreneurs who serve the same kinds of customers, in the same area, or use the same frameworks. You might just end up having a fabulous conversation. Even better, you will end up with a champion in the community, or even a collaborator. Give it a try!

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