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Rural entrepreneurship and social learning

The Ivany Commission’s public consultations in Nova Scotia identified an “attitudinal environment that subtly discourages entrepreneurship and initiative at a time when it is badly needed to revitalize local economies” (Ivany, d’Entremont, Christmas, Fuller, & Bragg, 2014, p. 9). Yet, while the authors admit “our province needs to do more to help businesses grow, including more support for training” (p. 6), the majority of new approaches to entrepreneurship training are locked behind the expensive gates of the province’s universities. Formal entrepreneurship education in universities has grown in popularity over the last decade. Yet most rural adult emerging entrepreneurs are not university students, and never intend to be, instead learning through self-study, practice, peers, workshops and discussion forums. As they learn the skills of entrepreneurship they also form a new identity in the social setting of their rural community, where they must find their place in a system of power. I will be posting reflections on rural entrepreneurship, adult education, power, social capital, and more.

If you are a rural entrepreneur, what is your experience? I hope you’ll share here!


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